Content Management System

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These days pretty much all websites are built on a content management platform. WordPress being the most used, by far. The content management system requires a great deal of maintenance.
Do you know where to log in to your CMS? Do you have credentials? Does your admin account have the highest level of privileges?

Is your CMS code up to date? An out of date CMS may have bugs or security vulnerabilities. An out of date CMS could be an easy target for a hacker so regular updates are extremely important.

All Content Management Systems use plugins to extend their capabilities. Out of date plugin code may contains bugs or vulnerabilities. Hackers are always on the lookout for plugins that give them a way in to your site so you’ll want to make sure your plugins are regularly updated.

Sometimes you just need to make a simple change on your website, like changing some text, adding a new page, or adjusting the menu. You’ll need knowledge of how to do these things through your content management system.

Eddy Pareja

Eddy Pareja

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