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What is “hosting”, anyway? Hosting is to a website, what a physical building is to a retail business. Hosting is the place where your website files, and database information are stored. Internet browsers connect to those files to render your website for users. Your hosting account is the hub for all top level server control.

What kind of maintenance do you need to think about regarding hosting?

  • Do you know who your hosting company is?
  • Do you have the login credentials? Anything that needs to be done on the server will require logging in. Be sure you have this information.

Web servers need to be restarted sometimes. Without access to your hosting admin, you won’t be able to do this.
Website files and databases need to be backed up often so that you always have a way to recover your site should it be deleted or altered by hackers.

You may need to make an adjustment to your web servers settings. Servers settings often need to be adjusted after changes to the code on your website changes.

Eddy Pareja

Eddy Pareja

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