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Your domain name is the first link in the chain, when it comes to websites. It’s the that users type into their devices to get to your website. “Why would a domain name require maintenance?”, you ask? There are several aspects of your domain name that require your attention. First, you need to know the details of your domain’s registration. Do you know who the registrar is? What do you mean, “What’s a registrar?”? It’s a good thing you came here!

Domain names are never owned by anyone. Even gigantic international companies don’t own their own domains.,, yea, none of them own any of those domain names. Domain names can only be rented. To rent one you have to register it through a domain Registrar. Registrars are companies that have been given permission to register domains to users on behalf of the organization that oversees the entire domain name system.

Important Maintenance Items Concerning Your Domain Name

  • Are you the registrant for your domain? When companies pay someone to build a new website, often that company will just register the domain for you, as a convenience. It may be convenient, but what if they go out of business, or you can’t get in touch with them? You should be the registrant for your own domain.
  • Do you know where your domain is registered? You need to know where your domain is registered and the login information should you need to make any changes.
  • Do you know when your domain expires and what the contact information associated with it? If you don’t when it comes time to pay the registration, you may never hear about it and you may lose your registration. This is a far more common an occurrence than you think.
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