Convert Your Website to HTTPS SSL SSL/HTTPS Website Conversion Service

For WordPress Websites - Starting at $199

HTTPS finally got real. With the release of Chrome 68, Non-HTTPS sites are now labeled as “Not Secure” in Chrome.

Convert to SSL HTTPS Protected Website

What's Covered in the Conversion

The cost of the SSL certificate is a separate annual cost ranging in price from free to several hundred dollars depending on your hosting or SSL provider. After the SSL certificate is obtained, here' what our conversion service covers:

  • Perform a DNS Review checking for any zone file issues in the DNS that may adversely affect email or subdomains if the IP address changes

  • Set up the certificate after it's purchased if needed (varies by host)

  • Update WordPress settings to use SSL

  • Update WordPress database to replace http references with https

  • Update any hardcoded http references in theme files

  • Update .htaccess or install a WordPress plugin (depending on your set up) to force any unknown web traffic through https

  • Review and resolve any remaining Mixed Content Warnings

  • Troubleshoot any issues that arise

  • Assist in updating Google Analytics and Google Search Console to use the HTTPS version of the site after the conversion is complete.

  • Assist in updating Google My Business Website URL & Identifying Other Listings To Update

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