Improve Online Visibility with an SEO Content Strategy

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Creating content that targets user search queries is at the very heart of's what makes it work. Content created with SEO in mind allows you to deliver the exact content the user is searching for, exactly when they are searching for it.

This is the power of SEO Content Strategy.

SEO Content Strategy on a Website

Rank Higher in Google with a Solid SEO Content Strategy

5 of the Top 10 Critical Google SEO Success Factors are directly related to website content. That’s why every SEO strategy has an accompanying Content Strategy.

Google wants to deliver the best answers, satisfying user's intent.

If the user has to click the back button, modify their search, or spend more time with results from other websites, this may be a sign that your content doesn’t deliver the best experience.

At SangFroid Web, our SEO Services use Content Strategy Frameworks as the foundation for SEO to help clients get more attention and traffic, be recognized as an authority in their field, and ultimately achieve higher rankings.

Critical Google SEO Success Factors

These Top 10 Critical SEO Success Factors are from Zyppy SEO's awesome post of Ranked Google Success Factors.

Develop Your SEO Plan with SEO Content Strategy Consulting

Invest in Your Own Digital Real Estate

  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research to identify major keyword phrases for your business and opportunities for long-tail keyword phrases.

  • Well-done Product & Service Pages

    A set of comprehensive service/product pages is necessary to provide enough digital real estate for search engines to index and rank for each of your service or product-related keywords.

  • Buyer's Journey Content

    Identify and facilitate the creation of more content for potential customers in the Awareness and Consideration stages of the buyer’s journey. This type of content frequently lives in a blog or knowledge base.

    A new visitor in the awareness stage likely won’t want a live demo of your product, but they would read a quick checklist or blog post that helps them better understand their problem.

  • Content Strategy Frameworks

    There are common content strategy frameworks that can be used in many businesses. We identify which frameworks will work best for your business and facilitate the content creation and addition to your website.

  • Content Briefs

    Our Content Briefs are designed to help you in the process of gathering and creating search engine optimized content.

  • Content Promotion

    Maximize the benefit of content you've invested in creating through content promotion. We'll help you promote content on social media platforms and/or email marketing, re-use & re-share evergreen content, and refresh and ipdate evergreen content periodically.

Increase Visibility with a Solid SEO Content Strategy

Start reaching your ideal customers with a targeted content strategy for SEO -- and increase the visibility of your business in search results. We'd love to talk to you about your project.