Google Business Profile Optimization Service

Our Google Business Profile optimization (GBP) service is aimed at taking your local business listing to the next level, helping to increase your local exposure and map rankings. While having a free Google Business Profile listing (formerly known as Google My Business) is a great first step to garnering local exposure, optimizing your profile will help you make gains faster.

Local Map Pin Markers representing Google Business Profile Optimization

Rank Higher in Google Map Results with an Optimized GBP Listing

Map listing search results are a zero-sum game.

When a competitor's listing ranks in local search map results (usually a 3-Pack of map results), it is pushing other businesses down in the list.

Optimizing your GBP profile gives your business an edge so that you have a more prominent local presence and the opportunity to appear in more map 3-pack results. In competitive niches, it will at least level the playing field setting you up to pursue more advanced SEO techniques.

How the Google Business Profile Optimization KickStart Works

We will consult with you (in person, via video or phone) before we start the project to understand your business goals and strategies.

Then we'll make sure your Google Business Profile exists and is verified, and that you have ownership of it. We'll ask you to add us as managers on the profile so that we can start optimizing.

Once these basics are in place, we'll proceed with all of the optimization items in the GBP optimization KickStart.

Google Business Profile Optimization KickStart


Here is everything we do in a Google Business Profile Optimization KickStart.

  • Make sure your basic business information is accurate

    This includes NAP (Name, Address, Phone), business hours, date founded, descriptors and more.

  • Write an effective business description

  • Choose an appropriate category and sub-categories

  • Upload photos to fill out profile

  • Add Links to Social Media Profiles (New feature 2023)

  • Get "Review Short URL" to send clients directly to write a review.

  • GBP Posts

    Post 4 GBP posts over 4 weeks - Use Google Posts to boost conversions and showcase brand personality. Anything that is posted to social platforms should be posted to GBP as well.

  • Complete comprehensive Product/Service Listings on Google Business Profile

  • Facilitate the asking and answering of 10 Google Q&A on your profile

  • Investigate if there are any GBP features specific to your industry and implement them

  • Set an accurate Service Area for SABs

  • Local Listing Report

    We will provide you with a Local Listing Audit report to identify opportunities to correct your business information in other external listings and citations which may impact your Local SEO efforts. Examples of external citations include sites like Yelp,,, etc.