Phase 1 Content

  • Web Design Questionnaire

    At the beginning of your project, we will give you a Web Design Questionnaire that will help us understand the colors and designs you prefer for your new web site which will be used in Phase Two.

  • Content Guide

    We will provide a document to guide you through the process of collecting the content we will need to create your new website.

Phase One is over when we receive all of the assembled content for the website.

Web Design Process - Phase 1, Creating Content

Phase 2 Design Concept

When we receive the content for your website and your Concept Questionnaire, we will begin work on the design concept for your web site.

  • Design Direction

    Since the design for your new web site is created referencing information you provide on the Design Questionnaire, please be as specific as possible about color scheme, imagery, branding, and the look you desire.

  • Design Mockup

    We produce one design concept (typically a home page layout and example interior page layout). We present this design concept on live web pages so you can see how they appear on various screens. This design concept is adjusted throughout our communication with you in Phase Two until you are satisfied.

Phase Two concludes when you approve the design concept for your website.

Phase 3 Development

  • Theme Development

    The concept layout approved in Phase One is converted into a customized WordPress theme.

  • Functionality & Build

    Pages are built and functionality is added. We add and format the content submitted in Phase 1.

Phase Three concludes when we complete the web site and submit it to you for revisions.

Web Design Process - Phase 3: Development

Phase 4 Revisions

  • Punchlist Review

    You review the web site for design and content and create a punchlist of revisions that need to be made. Note: Revisions are minor updates and changes to existing content and not new additions to the project.

  • Revision Guidelines

    If you want to make revisions to the design concept created in Phase One, other previously approved items, or if the time required to make revisions exceeds 4 hours, you will be billed for these changes on the final invoice at our current hourly rate.

Phase Four concludes when you approve the requested revisions and the final payment is received.

Phase 5 Launch

  • Final Testing

    We complete final testing looking for any final details that need to be addressed.

  • Make Your Website Public

    If your site is running in a test environment, we will move it to its final location. We will take down your “coming soon” page if you have one.

  • Training

    We'll schedule training for up to 3 people to walk you through how to manage your website. 

Phase Five concludes when the website is launched.

CeloPay Web Design

Phase 6 Maintenance

  • Website Owner's Manual

    Along with your website, we’ll include a copy of The Website Owner’s Manual (WOM) which will help you keep track of all the important details about your website; including logins, hosting setup, DNS records and routine maintenance.

    The WOM contains answers to our most frequently asked questions to help you have continued success with your website.

  • Website Maintenance Plan

    Our monthly WordPress Website Maintenance & Monitoring Plans provide the layers of security you need to guard against hacks, keep your website backed up, monitored and up-to-date. But, we have also designed plans aimed at helping you make better use of your websiteimprove SEO, and expand your digital footprint in support of meeting your business goals.

    (Read more about why websites need maintenance »)

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