Content Marketing

Why your business needs email marketing.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

By Liz Eisworth | January 5, 2017

Why does your business need email marketing? While marketing on social media receives a lot of hype in the current digital marketing landscape, Email Marketing is (still) the best way to communicate with existing and potential new clients. Email marketing takes the conversation... Continue Reading »

Content Marketing 101: How to Consistently Create Really Good Blog Post Topics

By Liz Eisworth | May 27, 2015

The core ideas behind content marketing are simple ones… Use content to grow your audience and attract new prospective clients. Use content to demonstrate your expertise, encouraging leads to get to know you, like you and trust you…paving the way for a professional relationship. Get into Google’s... Continue Reading »

Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Visitors

Don’t Miss Out on these 5 Rewards of Business Blogging

By Liz Eisworth | May 15, 2015

Studies Show that Business Blogging has Big Rewards You may have heard the buzz words ‘Business Blogging“, “Content Marketing“, or “Modern Marketing” used to refer to the current landscape of marketing yourself online. These terms all refer to the creation, publishing, and sharing of... Continue Reading »

Search Engine Optimization: How can a legitimate business compete online?

By Liz Eisworth | July 9, 2013

Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s webspam team, and he frequently answers user-submitted questions related to search engine results and the quality of those results. In this video, Matt answers the following question: Ranking being so valuable, how does... Continue Reading »